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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

*Many of these questions have been actually asked by couples throughout the years!

I see the term used " full-service professional" what is that?

What is your style?

With so many wedding photographers to choose from – why you?

Will you be the photographer at my wedding – do you come with someone else?

My fiance does not care about wedding photography, he thinks it is not that important or too expensive!

Ok that sounds good however how do I get him to 'buy into this'?

I really love your work, however my parents do not realize what wedding photography is now like; different than the way it used to be! They think it is outrageous!

With everything we have to do for a wedding, we have to cut back somewhere!

Ok I am shopping around, why am I finding a vast range of pricing?

How long will you be at my wedding?

Naturally I have never got married before, will you help me plan my day with a detailed timeline?

When do we get everything? I am an anxious bride .........LOL

Why do you refrain from sending price lists in an email?

I am not getting married for a while yet, how far in advance do brides book you?

Do your travel for weddings?