bridal portrait with a fashion look
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bridal portrait with a fashion look

This beautiful,  bridal portrait with a fashion look was captured in the bride's bedroom,  just using light from the window on the day of her wedding!   This image carries full impact and a lot of drama,  as that is what the look and feel of the bride and her dress implied.   My theory is if a bride is spending all this money to look her best on her wedding day in her photographs should capture that also!   Along with a formal bridal portrait which is usually three-quarter or full-length of the bride’s body,  and dramatic images like this I cannot understand how many photographers do not capture images like this -  image is like this portrait is something that the mother would absolutely love to have.   This is something that I personally capture at every wedding I photograph because I know in the end a bridal portrait is something that’s very important to many people.  It is that experience and trust that I carry with me to every wedding I photograph,  that a bride or groom and their families never have to worry about me capturing certain images.   Just like my tagline says “images that speaks volumes”,  in a viewer for this image will have a reaction unlike any other image

Location: Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

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