Springfield Country Club Wedding Photographer
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Springfield Country Club Wedding Photographer

I always like to capture the little flower girls and ring bearer - let's face it they always steal the show. This was no exception. The dresses on both the bride and the flower girl were incredible and I had to do something to capture a moment between the two of them. As I saw the door with the light coming in and had an idea and before I knew it the bride and flower girl would you stand in there holding hands talking. So I moved in front of the door, and literally pressed the shutter a few times to capture this image. The light on the two of them was absolutely perfect, in creating this black-and-white image was very easy. One thing about the kids in this wedding, they were very well behaved and a pleasure to be around. Even though this was a wedding in South Philly, they took the reception off to the suburbs to Springfield country club. I have been a Springfield country club wedding photographer many times, so I knew the venue and I knew the location. With the huge bridal party and beautiful fall colors, I knew I didn't have much time so I had a work quickly. Once I got the couple into the reception, they again enjoyed the whole cocktail hour, and all of their reception, since all the pictures were done. With the Melanie Rice orchestra providing the dancing music, the night went by real quick! As you will see in other images from this wedding, the bride looks absolutely amazing in her gown that she chose. This was a long day but now I have Jason's brother Albert's wedding to look forward to in June of 2016. I always like photographing multiple weddings in families, it is so much fun since I get to know everybody really well!

Location: Springfield Country Club, Springfield, Pa .

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