Philadelphia Wedding Ceremony
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Philadelphia Wedding Ceremony

Because I photograph many Philadelphia wedding ceremonies, I know many of the different traditions that happen during all these different ceremonies. For the most part many of the ceremonies are very dramatic and touching, which leaves many of the guests leaving the house of worship speaking about how beautiful the ceremony was! A Philadelphia wedding ceremony at the Cathedral Basilica is always one of my favorites! As I was waiting for Francesca to come down the aisle, I was thinking about how I can get such a dramatic shot of her coming out now with her brother, but still getting the traditional close-ups as they approached the altar. The back of the Cathedral Basilica is so grand with its magnificent pipe organ stained-glass windows I had the idea of creating a shot that I know has not been seen before. So while we were waiting for the procession to start I took a couple test shots and knew what I had to do to make this image work. When the procession started I captured everybody else is the standard picture of everyone come in on the aisle. Then the door closed and I knew it had to be ready. So as soon as the door opened Francesca and her brother were in the middle of the aisle , so I knew all I had to do was make sure the camera’s position was right to get this image. So I laid my camera down on the floor and tilted up ever so slightly and what I wanted was the leading lines from the pews to take the viewer’s eyes right to the Francesca and her brother, however still getting the grand expanse of the back of the Cathedral, because of that area that really makes this picture. I had to be very careful to make sure that the horizon line was absolutely straight; it was a picture that I had maybe three or four chances to get it right. It is this kind of dramatic image one can expect from me when I photograph their wedding. I want to make sure that I’m giving my couples more than just the ordinary.

Location: Cathedral Basilica.

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