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Second Bank Wedding Photo

Gerard Tomko - Wedding Photographer

The day you and your spouse exchange vows and take a step forward into the next chapter of your lives will be one of the most important moments you will ever experience. As your heart races through the day, butterflies dance circles in the pit of your stomach, and your emotions run on high, keeping track of everything that is going on can be difficult.

As a husband or wife, your job is to focus on the moment—to bask in the happiness of your wedding day and enjoy life. To make sure you, your guests, and your family can relive the magical moments of your wedding, you need a wedding photographer that can capture the true essence of that special day. That’s where Gerard Tomko comes in.

Gerard Tomko is a Philadelphia-based wedding photographer that has perfected his craft over more than 3 decades at weddings across the United States and internationally. An award winning photographer, Jerry focuses on providing wedding photography that will stand the test of time and preserve not just photos, but capture emotions in each wedding photo.

An Elegant Style That Reflects The Occasion

When you look back at a wedding photo, you don’t want to find yourself nitpicking your outfit, wondering why you are standing so awkwardly, or be distracted by a bad photograph. Instead, you want to look back at your wedding album and instantly be transported to that day and feel the same joy and elation you had the moment you and your spouse said, “I do.”

As a wedding photographer, Gerard Tomko has a style that reflects the beauty and elegance of your wedding. From fashionable staged photos of the bride, groom, and families to artistic candid photos that capture individual moments throughout the wedding, every photo you receive from Jerry will be worth showing off and looking back on for years to come. 

An Eye For Detail And Moments

You have probably seen the same stock, standard poses clogging your social media news feeds time and time again—brides and families standing the exact same way, the groomsmen standing up against a wall with one leg lifted like a flamingo, and similar photographs that simply lose that spark of life that take them from ordinary to something special.

With over one thousand weddings attended, Jerry has trained his eye for small details with each wedding photography session he shoots. These small adjustments that can be made during photos, whether they are for posed photographs to make sure everyone is standing in a pleasing way or simply capturing the right light during an artistic candid shot, are what make photos by Jerry stand out and so highly sought after.

35 Years Of Professional Experience

As a wedding photographer, Gerard Tomko has taken hundreds of thousands of shots in his career. Since the first wedding photo he captured in 1981 to the wedding photography he takes today, Jerry constantly strives to capture the right moment and emotion with every image that he takes. Constantly learning and improving, when you work with Jerry you can rest easy knowing you have a master wedding photographer taking your images who has attended over 1,100 weddings in his career.

If you are planning your wedding and want stunning wedding photography taken by a true master of his craft, consider working with Gerard Tomko. With an eye for detail, a dedication to capturing the best moments possible, and a professional, elegant, and artistic style that truly captures your wedding, you can’t go wrong when you choose Gerard Tomko as your wedding photographer. Click here to get in touch and discuss your wedding needs today.