As the day approached,  I was prepared for a hot summer downtown club wedding with Megan and Nick.   I knew it was going to be one of the hottest days of the year,  and with all the stress added for a wedding day,  I  was prepared for a challenge, knowing full well I did not have a lot of time to get the pictures done before everyone wilted with the heat.

The day started as Megan and her girls got ready at the beautiful Hotel Monaco in Philadelphia.   With all the bridesmaid she had,  I strongly suggested that she got dressed and her mother’s suite,  where the lighting was absolutely perfect,  the room was perfectly clean,  and we had plenty of room to get Megan dressed and maneuver around for some pictures –  it was the perfect scenario.

Then after the church,  we went to the area behind The Second Bank  for some incredible pictures as the sun beat down on everybody.   Since I was able to work real fast,  I focused on my  attention on Megan and Nick,  moving them from scene to scene and getting some incredible images,  before they were ready to meld with the heat!

Then after that,  it was to The Downtown Club,  where it seemed like  everyone forgot about how hot it was inside,  and they continued the party into the night.

Megan  was a referral from many of her nurse friends at the Jefferson University Oncology Floor –  is group of girls have grown to be one of my one of my biggest groups of supporters,  and great friends as I photographed five of their weddings.

Thank you Megan and Nick for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day  as your photographer.  I’m sure that through your images you will look back with fun memories of this day even though we almost melted right to the ground……!


groom's mom helping the groom get dressed nice picture of the groom and his parents before the wedding picture of the groom and detail shot of the bride shoes wedding photo of engagement ring bride getting makeup applied bride dressing the junior bridesmaid bride and her twin sister as the bride gets dressed creative portrait of the bride alone and her long veil bride near a window with creative lighting portrait of bridal home and junior bridesmaid beautiful bride portraits of the bride alone


bride arriving at the church and wedding procession bride coming down the aisle with dad and step dad bridal party on the altar at St. Rita's bride and groom after the ceremony bride family portrait entire bride family portrait grooms family portrait bride and groom formals at the altar creative high key portrait of bride and groom beautiful blooms bridesmaids flowers beautiful bouquets by beautiful blooms bride and groom portrait at the second bank bride walking away in the park beautiful formal portrait of the bride alone creative portrait of the bride and groom at the second bank bride and groom sharing a moment at Independence Park bride and her bridesmaids with parasols close-up picture of the bride and groom an intimate moment of the bride and groom Nick sneaking a little kiss with his new wife a beautiful portrait of the bride and wedding details downtown club room reveal beautiful bloom centerpieces and the UPS family heirloom beautiful table arrangement by beautiful blooms rose petal entrance at the downtown club sharing a candid moment during the toasts the bride's twin sister reading her speech the bride's other sister giving her toast candid moment during the reception of people dancing the bride and her little sister on the dance floor guests having a great time at the reception everyone having a good time on the dance floor the bride and all her coworkers from Jefferson my brides from Jefferson bananas Foster is always a favorite at the downtown club

a beautiful night picture at the downtown club


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