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Wedding Albums

Wedding Albums

  Years from now,  your wedding album is going to remain as one of the few tangible things left from your wedding.   You will be able to sit and enjoy the images,  your family and friends within the pictures,  and reminisce about the perfect day,  especially with your children.  Knowing  this,  I take great pride in care into offering quality wedding albums to my couples that I know will stand the test of time,  and last forever.


Wedding Album Costs

      Unlike other photographers,  I am one of the few to offer a wedding album included in all my wedding investments,  instead of charging extra after-the-fact.   From the custom design of our Queensberry Flush Albums,  to the one-of-a-kind fine art albums that are exclusive to my studio only,  my main goal is to give your wedding album that's absolutely beautiful and will depict a complete story of your wedding day. All my  couples rely on my wedding album design technique since I've designed well over 1000 wedding  albums in my career.   All designs are custom done,  not thrown together in some software album templates like they're from shutterfly.   You,  as one of my couples deserve the very best!


   So the one thing you do not have to worry about is that there is no pressure upsell,  no rigid rules or regulations about making image changes,  we take the time to do it right!   Within the wedding industry,  couples should always be wary of people doing upgrades,  or pressure sales.   From beginning to end,  you will be dealing with me,  your photographer,  not a salesperson!  So  I will be assisting you in your album design,  in your image selections,  and I will promise that I will make your job real hard for you;  that is a good problem to have!


On an average,  most of my couples add anywhere to 3 to 5 extra spreads in their album after they see their design.  Some couples have even  walk away with two albums- one fine art - and one flush album for themselves,  and some parents have even upgraded to larger parent albums than what I offer.  It is  entirely up to you and your budget.  However I will never  change the price of your album, based on the size, such as small medium large or a 10 " album vs. a 14 " album.

How Many Pictures Are In An Album

       When shopping around for a photographer,  they limit you to 60 pictures,  70 pictures  and then that's it!   in all my years in doing wedding albums you cannot depict a complete story of your wedding album within 60, 70 pictures -  is just a couple of this a couple of that,  and before you know it you're done.   For our Queensberry Flush Album,  your starting point is 15 spreads/ 30 sides(pages) with a  wide range of cover options and materials as seen on my Queensberry Wedding Album Swatch Samples.  With a custom design that can be anywhere  from approximately 75 to 90 pictures,  depending on the images you select,  and how the design comes out.  If you would like to see a whole flush album. you can see it HERE.

 Our fine art album comes with your first 48 images,  one per page,  with the capability of going up to 60 images!   However truly,  this will be an album that is unlike any other you have seen.  

 I have found that while my couples  really do care about beautiful albums and wall decor,  they do not like any surprises.   So that is why in dealing with me throughout the whole process,  I will make sure that everything is upfront and no hidden surprises!