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Wedding photo with a limousine

The anticipation for any bride arriving at the church is an unbelievable experience. Yes the bride is nervous and excited, and the site of friends and family arriving at the church is a tension breaker. Of course everybody wants to sneak a peek at the bride and her gown before she enters the church, so as AnnaMarie was in her limo, she was having such a good time waving to people as they arrived at the church. I love capturing limo shots outside the church before the bride gets out of the limo, but when I saw this going on I just backed away and let the moments take over. The look on her face, tells all about the excitement and the anticipation that AnnaMarie felt at that moment - it is priceless! This is what I love doing best, capturing images that when complete strangers see them, they can tell and know what is going on!Keywords: Gerard Tomko Photography (516), Philadelphia Wedding Photographer (21), Wedding Photo at The Curtis Center.