Same Sex wedding photographer
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Same Sex wedding photographer

This image that I captured,  was on the roof of the Pyramid Club in Philadelphia. This image that I captured,  was on the roof of the Pyramid Club in Philadelphia during a break in the reception.  Even though it’s an iconic shot,  most couples will get this picture usually have the building sticking out of their heads,  and not positioned in the dead space of the sky.   So what we did,  is we took a couple and posed them  in the negative space in the sky,  for a better composition!   This was captured during the same-sex wedding of Dennis and Joseph,  and absolutely fantastic couple to work with.   To hear their story and how they got together,  was something you have to hear to believe; ,  the trials and tribulation this couple went through to be together.   In all the years I have  been photographing weddings,  this has to go down  as one of the best speeches given by a couple at any wedding that I have been to.   As the crowd listened to their heartwarming speech,  you could hear a pin drop -  even the band listen to every word as Dennis described how they got together and what Joe  meant to him!   With the legalization of same-sex weddings,  it was very touching to hear a story like this – something  that I will remember for a very long time!

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