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Washington Square Wedding Photo

During the interview process with all my couples were before their wedding, I always ask them, what would they like more buildings or more trees. Some couples like the architecture, some like the foliage in the trees, and all depends on what they like. Many couples who want trees in their pictures always opt for some sort of a Washington Square wedding photo. And to be honest, it is one of my most favorite parks, and popular parks to go to all year-round for both wedding photos and engagement sessions. By using washington square for their pictures, it was very convenient since their reception was right across the street at the Atrium Curtis Center, This picture here of Amanda and Mike was actually done on a very brisk day in January, Amanda’s gown was absolutely beautiful, as it was custom-made through Unveiled Philadelphia, a very high end, high quality wedding gown salon. And as many my brides know, I absolutely love photographing a wedding when the bride has a very long veil. Amanda and Mike had pictures as a top priority so we had plenty of time between the ceremony and reception to the point where we actually went to three different locations and they still made their whole entire cocktail hour! So when this image was taken, the sun was about the set, as a matter fact it was behind a lot of the buildings in the background. I pictured in my mind a very dramatic image with the two of them but as you could see with the position of the sun it had tremendous hair light which separated them from the background - giving this image of a multidimensional look. It was at the right time, that this image was made by a gust of cold brisk wind blowing her veil up as you see it here in the picture. With minimal post production done, this image is one of my most favorite Washington Square wedding photos that I have ever captured. An image that many people comment about when they see it. Keywords: curtis Center (2), washington square (2), winter wedding photo.