Philadelphia Wedding Photos in the Rain
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Philadelphia Wedding Photos in the Rain

Whenever couples are shopping for a wedding photographer,  there are always looking at the price but  hardly ever are they looking at what will the wedding day experience be like.   Let's face it no one plans for bad weather,  but to me an image like this really is paramount for capturing Philadelphia wedding photos in the rain!   When I am hired to photograph a wedding,  I know that I have a battle plan in the back of my mind in case of inclement weather -  my brides know that no matter what,  we are doing pictures in inclement weather,  and that's what's expected of me, and they are ok with it also!   This was an image captured at the Philadelphia Art Museum as my bride Kate was getting ready to climb up the steps in the middle of a pretty heavy spring rain storm.   I knew she wanted her Philadelphia wedding photos in the rain,  and believe me I was more than happy to oblige.   I love to create images that speak volumes,  causing a viewer  to react in such a way that they've never seen wedding photos  in the rain like this.   One thing about me I never take the easy way out,  delivering extraordinary and not ordinary!

Location: Philadelphia Art Museum, Philadelphia, Pa.

Keywords: Gerard Tomko Photography (1548).