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Philadelphia City Hall wedding pictures

One of the most favorite and popular “looks” for wedding parties in and around Philadelphia is Philadelphia City Hall wedding pictures. So even though I was asked to capture Knowlton Mansion wedding photos for Veronica and Christians wedding, I was very excited that we had so much time for wedding photography that we were actually able to capture Philadelphia City Hall wedding photos and still get to the Knowlton mansion in plenty of time. Photography was very important to Veronica and Christian; yes it was an early start to that day however we were able to photograph at three separate locations to give them more than enough variety in their wedding photos. Veronica and Christian did a reveal at The Lakes in South Philadelphia, where we captured a very unique, an emotional first look. After that it was off to Philadelphia City Hall and more wedding photos, where I was able to capture a very dramatic image inside the courtyard. Then after we left City Hall, we went to the mansion for family pictures and also more creative images with the bride and groom. This image was created near their ceremony area where I just told Christian to take Veronica over and just talk with each other and spend some time is I actually setup my camera. However in the meantime what I saw with both of them passionately embracing, and sharing some laughs and giggles together so I knew this was the right time to capture that moment. Where I had placed them was an area I’ve been before so I knew how to like the couple to get the most dramatic image I could but still have some tremendous back light behind them. At that time it was just a matter a pressing the shutter in capturing the moment; their emotions and reactions to each other are what made this picture an image that speaks volumes.