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Goa India Destination Wedding Photo

I had the pleasure to be commissioned for a wedding in Goa India. This was an experience I will never forget. Tina and Dru live in London, however saw my work online from a bride whose wedding I photographed the New York, and worked with Tina over the Internet through their employer. This image was taken on day three of their wedding on the beach in Goa. the lighting was absolutely spectacular and the setting was breathtaking. the colorful garb that they have made the images stand out that much more. Tina's family was such a host to both of us into this day we still stay in touch with them over Facebook. it was three full days of shooting and then we had the opportunity to take a couple days off and visit the Taj Mahal. because of their vibrant colors postproduction of this image was very easy.Keywords: Destination wedding photographer, Gerard Tomko Photography (516), Goa, India wedding.