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downtown club wedding

One of my most favorite venues in Philadelphia is the Downtown Club. I love the intimacy of it, the atmosphere for each individual wedding that I photograph there, and most importantly there is so much to work with for every wedding. I get really excited every time I get a chance to photograph a Downtown Club Wedding. My style is very timeless and classic, also creative and artistic. But I approach every wedding to make sure that no two weddings look-alike, because all my couples are individual and their weddings are unique to themselves; so why should their wedding pictures look like everybody else’s. So at a Downtown Club wedding, I strive to capture everything from a different perspective. Christianna and Justin’s Downtown Club wedding was held on a fairly brisk day in November. However the sun was shining that day and there were colors still on the leaves to give their images an autumn look. They did their first glance at the Sofitel Hotel which is literally a block away from the Downtown Club. So after their first glance we went across the street behind the Second Bank to do pictures of them in the bridal party. This was one of the most easiest weddings I ever photographed because with this couple I really didn’t have to tell them to do much, they were just so into each other and laughing and having fun. You could tell that there was a lot a real love here, and especially with Justin he just absolutely adored Christiana; so this wedding was more of just focus in shoot! Christiana looked absolutely beautiful, and I was able to do some incredible portraits of her by yourself especially against the white marble at the Second Bank. Their ceremony at the downtown club was beautiful because the room became dark with the time of day, and seeing all of the buildings with historic value outside the windows really made this an intimate setting. As you could see from all the images from this wedding, this was one of my best Downtown Club weddings. Keywords: Cescaphe (6), downtown club (5), Philadelphia Wedding (18), wedding (8).