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With all the weddings of a photograph in Philadelphia, many of the couples want some form of the iconic broad street wedding photo for tehir wedding images It is the iconic shot of the bride and groom dipping in the middle of the street with City Hall in the background. Believe it or not back in 1997 I was the first one to do the iconic shot during a New Year's Eve wedding! I have since modified that image so much because I don't want to look like everyone else. So when I arrive to do my Broad Street wedding photo, I always look around for different backgrounds and different angles, to capture images unlike any other. This one image is living proof! Right before I did that iconic image with Jess and Daan, on my right hand side is one of my favorite little spots to take some wedding photos with some high-impact. This church with the red doors is actually a haven for a lot of homeless people, so sometimes it is hit or miss him when I could do the pictures there. As you can see from this image, has my fine art look that actually is a wall portrait in their home. Again a wedding image unlike any other!

Location: Broad Street.

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