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best ring bearer wedding photo

If there is one thing that I thoroughly enjoy doing during the wedding, it is capturing either flower girls or ring bearer’s with such candid but emotional images, that at times I bring their parents with tears. I think this image of the ring bearer during the ceremony is one of the best flower girl wedding photos I ever captured. This image was captured, as this little boy was just actually siting there but did not realize that he was actually holding his mom’s bouquet! there, and listened as the ceremony was going on. But what I noticed was the little smile on his face and how the natural light just lit this little boy’s face up like a light was on him, in coming through the windows of the church. Many times when I photograph flower girls or ring bearers, I like to do it either candidly or away from the kids parents. These little kids at times or so nervous because everybody’s always going to say I got a smile I guess my own I want on the Isle and let’s face it the kids really don’t know what they are talking about. So when it comes to the wedding day, these poor little kids are wound tighter than a drum. I like to speak softly to them I like to whisper to them but I don’t need anybody standing over my shoulders saying SAY CHEESE”, ”SAY PIZZA” , or other corny phrases like that. When I go for are the eyes; the eyes of these innocent children speak volumes to anyone who sees these pictures. Their eyes are truly the windows to their soul, and that’s what I try to capture. When you look at this little boy, the whole story of this images is written on his face. Sure I’ll take a picture with them smiling, however that's what everyone else does. It is images like these that the parents and other people will talk about for a long time to come. Keywords: black and white (4), ring bearer, Tendenza Wedding (2), wedding (8).