Philadelphia Engagement Photo at  Night
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Philadelphia Engagement Photo at Night

Many of my couples like to have their engagement session captured somewhere in Philadelphia  instead of doing something that everyone else does.  Having to be able to capture and engagement photo in Logan Circle and other areas in and around Philadelphia can be challenging but also very rewarding. This image was captured near the lights at The Comcast Building at night.  Megan and Nick’s GTKY ( Getting to Know You Session),  took what I call a renegade feel -  the traffic in Center City Philadelphia was a nightmare because Pres. Obama was in town that night.   So the traffic was gridlocked during rush hour and was very hard to move.   So what we did was what I call affectionately renegade photography -  we drive,   we see something cool, we stop,   and I capture the image.   So after the traffic died down and now what was nightfall,  we ended up doing some dramatic night pictures in at this location.   This was a very clear night so I was able to capture the feeling of my couple as they enjoyed a moment alone, and then I finished it off in B&W!  Megan is one of my “ Jefferson Nurses”  were near and dear to me,  and I cannot wait to photograph their wedding in July 2016 at The Downtown Club.

Location: Market St., Philadelphia, Pa.

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