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Philadelphia engagement photos is one of my favorite things to do in the wedding photography process with my couples.  Known as my GTKY Session ( getting to know you) it is a chance  for couples to work with me and I get to work with them so on the wedding they were a lot more comfortable with each other -  however there is nothing cheesy about this session.  Most couples, at first  do not like to do engagement sessions because of the cheesy connotation that comes with them from other photographers   The Philadelphia Art Museum is one of my favorite locations with my couples.  There are so many different areas the photograph whether it’s the front of the museum,  the back of the museum,  or coming down along the hill into The Waterworks.   It is nothing to see two or three different types of couples with their photographers taking pictures at any given beautiful summer night.   This night with Diana and Justin was a little different because I told the couple it was going to be rain or shine;  sure enough a torrential downpour and thunderstorm was happening as we were driving down to the museum.   Diana was a little worried but I wasn’t,  knowing full well what I was going to be able to capture.  As we arrived the started sky started to clear, and I was able to capture some amazing images.   This particular image was at the backside of the museum, -  I love the stark contrast between the pillars and Diana’s red dress and really made this image pop.  I was able to get some real soft light as dusk was which made this image much more softer in appearance.

Location: Philadelphia Art Museum, Philadelphia, Pa.

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