Engagement Picture in Cape May New Jersey
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Engagement Picture in Cape May New Jersey

I get really excited when my couples want to do engage in pictures in Cape May New Jersey.   Many people do not know this but Cape May is the only place along the Jersey shore where the sun actually sets in the water,  to every other location it sets in the bay.   On any given night during the summer the sunsets are absolutely spectacular and this night was no exception!   Lauren and Paul’s  engagement session had an absolutely beautiful sunset.   Going to a beach that I’m very familiar with,  and it is sort of secluded from other people,  I knew there was many areas I could pose them to get amazing results.   Lauren was a very good model,  however Paul was your typical fiancé and groom to be,  he was doing the pictures but was very comfortable getting his picture taken professionally.   However once we got into it he really had a good time for himself,  and the rest was pretty easy.   This image at sunset was spectacular,  using the rocks on the jetty to form a perfect location to post a couple.   With the sun setting behind them,  it was really easy to create a dramatic image for this couple.   Many images that I take from  engagement sessions in Cape May are all of this spectacular and dramatic variety.

Location: Cape May, New Jersey.

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