Engagement Photos in Ocean City
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Engagement Photos in Ocean City

Engagement Photos in Ocean City beach engagement Photos are  one of my favorite locations to with my couples.  Known as my GTKY Session ( getting to know you) it is a chance  for couples to work with me and I get to work with them so on the wedding they were a lot more comfortable with each other -  however there is nothing cheesy about these sessions.  Most couples, at first  do not like to do engagement sessions because of the cheesy connotation that comes with them from other photographers   The beach in Ocean City is one of my favorite locations with my couples.  There are so many different looks  that I can give my couples especially as the sun is going down.   On a very clear night even though the Ocean City Beach is on the eastern side of the Jersey shore, the colors from the sunset spill over into the eastern sky to give some dramatic backdrops.  It is this type of light,  which is what we call the sweet light,  that makes my images so unique;  never do I do my engagement sessions when it is so bright out that people are squinting in the sun.   that is the difference between someone who knows light and others who just take pictures.    Another thing that makes my beach portraits so beautiful is the fact that the couples pay strict attention to their attire,  so that this way to viewers are looking at their faces,  in the clothing they wear do not clash at all.   It is  these factors  that make my engagement sessions at the beach so spectacular!

Location: Ocean City, NJ.

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