creative engagement picture
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creative engagement picture

When I set out to do Megan and Nick’s Engagement pictures,  I did not realize it was going to be such a helter-skelter day.   You see Pres. Obama was in Philadelphia that night,  and as fate would have it he arrives right during rush hour which caused a major gridlock in traffic throughout the middle of Center City Philadelphia.   Being an experienced Philadelphia engagement photographer,  I knew I was able to get some  creative engagement pictures  no matter where we were.   As I was driving into the city,  some huge clouds formed in the sky right after a spring rainstorm.   I could not keep my eyes off the huge clouds and once I picked up Megan and Nick,  I followed to where those  those clouds were because I had a shot in mind!   This pictures was actually captured in the parking lot behind the Best Buys in South Philadelphia -  as I was laying in the parking lot amongst a lot of broken glass and some other paraphernalia.   As you can see, the clouds provided a dramatic backdrop to this image.  So all I had to do is press the button and do some minor retouching in post-production.   When you know light and composition,  images like these are very easy to capture.   My Getting to Know You Session (GTKY) gives my couples and insight of what it will be like on their wedding day,  even if the conditions are right or if things hold this up and throw the schedule askew.   It is that peace of mind  that my couples  have one selecting me as their photographer.

Location: Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

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