Creative Engagement photo
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Creative Engagement photo

  Whenever I  photograph an engagement session,  I try very hard to come up with many creative engagement photos that I can to show my couples a variety.   Based on light,  and seeing how it falls within the scene and the architecture I love to create some silhouettes at times to add to the dramatic look of some of their images.  When I did Frankie and Lauren’s engagement pictures at Swarthmore College,  we made our way into this building that had this incredible arched window with metal appliqué is in the middle.   By posing the two of them within the window I had to make sure that the vertical appliqués were not coming through their head to us having them blend into the metal hardware of the window.   Silhouettes are very hard to do with couples could you have to make sure that the sidelines of their profile are straight and not tilted one way or the other -  however you start to make sure that they are looking at each other too.  Lauren and Frankie  were great models because all I had to do was tell them what to do,  and it was done -  nothing was confusing to them.   When they saw this picture  on the back of my camera,  and then looked at the window as it appeared they could not believe I captured what I did.

Location: Swarthmore College.

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