This week’s wedding photography tips is all about wedding photography styles and what photography style are you looking for.  I heard recently from a friend who was planning a wedding a few years ago, and right before the wedding they realized that candid photo’s were getting popular. As it turns out, their photographer’s style was ONLY traditional. They then had to find an additional photographer a “candid specialist” as an add-on – can you say “UPGRADE”?  So they panicked and had to hire the “specialist” just to do the candids!  It all came down to deciding on what wedding photography styles they really wanted.

Too many photographers say they are “One Style”, they call themselves photojournalistic photographers, lifestyle photographers, traditional photographers…I often get asked – “what style are you?” I have developed my own style, I like to call “Traditional Fashionable Artistic Candids” it’s a little bit of traditional, a little bit of fashion, a little bit of artistic, and a little bit of candid; just what an entire wedding day is all about – not just one style!

To be a successful professional wedding photographer, one has to be well versed in all aspects of photography, not just one!  Traditional posing, on the spot candids, artistic captures of the couple, and most importantly one must know light!  You have to be able to capture traditional “parent pleaser portraits”,  bridal portraits, great images of the groom alone, amazing images of the bride and groom, family pictures,  all properly lit and posed, incredible, emotional candids – all rolled into one wedding day!. Lets see some examples and let you decide.

Wedding Photography Tips: Wedding Photography Styles of Today

Bride and Groom Prep

Part of my “bride and groom prep” is to make sure I get real nice portraits of the Bride alone and the Groom alone. Along the way I get as many candids images that I can as they are getting ready.

bride with makeup grooms mom getting her son ready groom and his parents bride looking at wedding dress bride getting ready, black and white engagement ring and diamond earrings

bride portraits

bride portrait and creative shoes shot groom portraits


bride and twin sister getting ready bride dressing junior bridesmaids bride and dad reveal, black and white bride and flower girl, emotional moment bride and ring bearer, black and white



groom portraits groom and bride portraits groom portrait and bride getting ready, final touches on veil


The Sanctity of Your Ceremony

Capturing the ceremony as it happens – all candid in nature, with the utmost of respect and discretion!


cathedral basilica wedding photo sofitel wedding ceremony sofitel wedding ceremony sofitel wedding ceremony, husband and wife moment st. augustine wedding ceremony st. augustine wedding ceremony candid moment at st. augustine wedding ceremony st. monica wedding ceremony st. monica wedding ceremony, rings moment st. monica wedding ceremony, rings moment st. monica wedding ceremony, kiss bride and groom at st. monica church


Formal Family Portraits

These are examples of images of well posed formal family portraits either on the altar or at the reception – OR BOTH

family photos at reception family photos at reception family formals at reception family wedding portraits family wedding portraits bridal portrait at the altar family wedding portraits, Jewish wedding family wedding portraits, Jewish wedding

The Creative Artistic Portraits

This is what I am known for – nothing corny or cheesy, these are Award Winning, once in a moment type images that cause a reaction from you, your family and your friends. These are the images that are unlike any other! Capturing the look and feel of the surroundings, your venue, and the location you got married at, whether it is local to you or a destination wedding.

artistic wedding photo at night bride leaving the church, artistic portrait artistic wedding photo, bride and bridesmaids bride on a rainy day bride and groom under the rain bride and groom artistic night portrait bride and groom portrait artistic bride and groom portrait at the theatre artistic wedding photo artistic wedding photo

bride and groom portrait under the rain

Wedding Reception Details and Candids

The reception details and candids are one of most fun parts of my job! Everyone having a great time, the ambiance of the venue, the hot dance music that gets everyone in a joyous mood – why would anyone want to miss this! One thing that makes me different is that I always stay until the end of the event to make sure I don’t miss the celebration and fun on the dance floor!

Reception candids, next to my artistic imagery, are the ones that cause such a reaction from a variety of people! From the details, to the parent dances and other wedding formalities, to the all important candid group images, you would expect your photographer to be there to the very end! I never want to leave these moments to be captured by your friends and guests on their IPHONE!

candid moment during wedding reception candid wedding photography candid wedding photography candid wedding photography candid wedding photography candid moment during reception candid wedding photography candid wedding photography candid moment during reception black and white candid wedding photography

Conclusion on Style

So there you have it – as you can see your wedding day should not be left up to one type of photographer, selecting an individual that treats your day as “their” day leaving nothing to chance!

So if you are searching around for the most experienced Philadelphia Wedding Photographer, that has done work at some of the Best Philadelphia Wedding Venues, look no further and contact me so we can talk about your wedding and your vision and the wedding photography style you are looking for!  I guarantee it will be the most enjoyable call you have this week during your photographer  search.