All Day Wedding Photography Coverage – Is it For You?

I’ve photographed over 1100 weddings, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that weddings are unpredictable. Every single wedding has had it’s own ebb and flow, with unexpected moments and a lot of surprises. And there are so many photographers and wedding photography packages to choose from.  Confused ?

As a result, I’ve never been the type to believe I could personally capture everything about a wedding day in only eight hours. At least, not in the way I wanted to tell it creatively. It always felt like too much was left out of the story and there were moments that I found valuable that i didn’t want to miss.

For years, I’ve offered all day wedding photography coverage. It’s something I could never give up and I’ve officially been spoiled by having clients willing to make that commitment with me. I’ve found that there are common threads between my couples and the type of experience they envision. If these reasons resonate with you, it’s likely that getting a photographer who offers all day photography coverage would be a wonderful way to tell your own personal story.

bridal portraits

bride's mom helping with veil

bride and maid of honor, bride veil

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You Believe You Have One Wedding DAY

You’ve imagined your wedding day a million times, from the moment you starting getting your hair done all the way to your grand sparkler exit. But you’re struggling because your hair and makeup begins at 10 am, and your sparkler exit is at midnight.  That is one complete day!

bride and groom night portraits in Philadelphia

bride and groom night portrait

couple portrait at Pomme

If that’s the day you’ve imagined, and you want every detail documented, all day wedding photography coverage is definitely for you. This takes away the limitation of hours, and gives you the opportunity to share your entire experience – and most important  – peace of mind that nothing wil be missed!

For me, it allows me the chance to see those moments between you and your mother long before everyone else arrives. Or the mimosa toasts between you and your best girls. These are moments that you don’t want to forget, and I enjoy being able to photograph them.

You Don’t Want to Feel Rushed

There are moments of the wedding day where the “rushing” feeling is unavoidable, but for the most part, you want to feel like you’re IN every moment, not just flying through them. Not only that, but you know that you intend to put up an entire gallery wall of your wedding photographs, and you don’t want to sacrifice a single moment of photography time with your new husband or wife.

Knowing that you can have someone there to work with you on that schedule will go a long way to ease your peace of mind. Scheduling out a planned first look, spending an hour at your favorite spot in Philadelphia, all without knowing that things are falling behind, is a gift you only receive by having someone there all day. There’s no additional stress on your shoulders and your day will flow beautifully.

bride and groom portrait on a rainy day

bride and groom first dance

As an added bonus, I have the time and flexibility to be fully creative and give you those photographs worthy of a gallery wall in your home!

You Want All of Your Vendors At Their Best

Your band/DJ, your caterer, your reception venue – they all have their own timelines. They know what’s best for you and your guests, and they’ve worked hard to perfect that. With a limited amount of hours, there’s a risk that your photographer has to leave in the middle of your reception and might miss your cake cutting, or your exit. So you’re finding ways to push everything together.

candid moment, wedding photographer packages wedding photographer packages wedding photographer packages bride and her brother special dance moment captured during party wedding reception moment

In the end, your talented other vendors often have to compromise and adjust their flow just to accommodate this limited timeline. But what a relief it would be for you, to have someone there all the way to the end, letting each of your vendors do their best work!

For me, I often feel this way. I get to see the wedding day flow out at it’s absolute best, and I don’t have to leave any sooner than you’d want me to. Those moments of you dancing with your friends, or that big sparkler exit are vital moments to your wedding day story. I’m happy to know that I won’t be having to miss any of it.

Weddings days are filled with experiences. There’s a story to be told, and I don’t like to let time tell me how to tell it! And for brides who consider the items above to be top priorities, I genuinely believe I can meet those expectations and give you a day you fully get to enjoy, both that day, and forever after.

Want to chat over getting your wedding photography timeline perfectly worked out? Contact me here so we can talk about ways to make those plans come true!