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Best Philadelphia Wedding Photographer - Gerard Tomko

My wedding gallery is designed to include images that I have captured from weddings in Philadelphia to a wedding I have captured as far way as Goa , India. I have had the pleasure of capturing over 1000 weddings in my career, and also that means I have been a part of many families lives over that period. You will be able to see a vast majority of images, from classic family portraits, to candid moment at receptions, to romantic engagement portraits at the New Jersey Shore. As a photographer with all the experience of all these weddings, I wanted to show you that I have endured almost every situation possible – from blizzards, to hurricanes; in the spring, summer, autumn and winter. I have also shown that I am very versatile in every lighting situation possible, with my night images, creating a tremendous amount of impact to the viewer. I t is with this experience that a couple who hires me, does not have a care in the world – I will come through no matter what the situation is. Being a part of everyone’s families, means I have pretty much seen every tradition there is to be photographed. It is fascinating and exciting to see the various traditions of Asian couples, Indian ceremonies, Jewish Ketubah signings, and of course Catholic and non Catholic ceremonies. Every ceremony and tradition is different, however I am always there to capture every emotional moment. I thoroughly love my job, especially with many first-class venues I photograph at; The Cescaphe Ballroom, The Downtown Club. The Ballroom at the Ben, the majestic Atrium at the Curtis Center, The Hotel DuPont in Delaware, the beautiful Scranton Cultural Center, The Radisson Lackawanna Train Station, the art décor of Tendenza, and one of my all time favorites, Le Meridian Hotel in Philadelphia. Each of these venues has their own charm and atmosphere, along with the dreams of every couple, has given me every opportunity to enjoy my job, week in and week out. What gets me excited? It is when couples put their trust in me and sometimes commission me before they actually have their venue! That tells me they really care and want amazing wedding photos without a care in the world. With all the weddings I have photographed, I would love to be selected to photograph a wedding in Italy, Greece, Australia and Hawaii – those are my bucket list dreams! No matter where I am, I am known for giving everyone my all, without being on a “ imposed” timeline. Your day is my day!

Wedding Photo Along the Brandywine

The eyes are the windows to the soul - that expression cannot describe this wedding picture any better. We were running on a tight time schedule this day and only had about 30 minutes for pictures before we headed to Tendenza for their wedding , so we decided to go to a park along the Brandywine River in Delaware, which was real close to the church. As I was getting ready to take a picture of the couple, I just noticed the way Maria was staring at Joseph. So I just asked her, to keep looking at him and I just turn them around just a little bit so the light really came on her face. by making Joseph almost silhouetted, all the attention was on Maria and her beautiful eyes. That's all I needed to create this image - her eyes and the way she looked at him spoke volumes. Keywords: Brandywine Wdding Photo, Creative Wedding Photographer (4), Gerard Tomko Photography (390), Tendenza Wedding Photo.